The Town of Cut Knife is situated on the smooth surfaced Highway 40, 50 km west of the Battlefords, 50 km north of Unity and 70 km east of the Alberta border. It could be said we’re in the ‘middle of it all’! We also have a diverse blend of culture with having Poundmaker and Little Pine First Nations to the north, Sweet Grass First Nations to the east and Hillsville Hutterite Colony located to the northwest of town.

Taking a drive along the welcoming tree lined boulevard will draw you into our community full of history and beauty. We are a community of just under 600 people with a farming community of 400 people. What we lack in numbers is made up in hospitality! Visit our best kept secret (until now), the Clayton Mclain Memorial Museum. Check out the heritage buildings and learn many stories of our area’s residents; view the exhibits showcasing the 1885 Rebellion which played a huge role in our history. Plan to stay a few nights in our tree shaded campground and watch the sun set behind the World’s Largest Tomahawk. Take a stroll through the park, try your luck at catching a trout in our pond, or just sit and enjoy the scenery.

When you awake in the morning drive north of town, watch the sun rise as you visit the famous hill where Cut Knife’s name was derived. The Sarcee Chief, Broken Knife, was killed in battle and the Cree named the hill after him, however, due to a translation error, the hill became known as ‘Cut Knife’. Experience even more history by visiting the site of a battle of 1885; which gives reason the streets being named as they are. Arrange for a tour of the Poundmaker interpretive centre.

By this time you will be ready to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the beach. With some of the best sand around, enjoy wading in the water of Atton’s Lake, just minutes from town, a regional park with a 9 hole grass greens golf course and a playground for the little ones.

If you are visiting our great community in the winter months, Table Mountain Ski resort is located just 20 minutes east of town. Its slopes offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Saskatchewan.

We don’t want to reveal all of the many great things we have to offer…Check out the website and then come and see us sometime!

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